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45 Architecture is an entrepreneurial, nationally experienced storytelling community design firm located in Bozeman, MT and Nashville, TN. We design a wealth of projects including educational, commercial, residential, community/civic, mixed use, winery and hospitality projects across the US. Our firm embraces collaboration across expertise areas, with an
open studio and innovative ways of approaching conventional tasks.


We have an informal work environment characterized by camaraderie and collegial support. Yet, our team is ambitious, driven, and dedicated to being the innovators of our field. We actively support AXP and ARE candidates on the path to licensure. We are involved and invested in our community to give back and improve the local world we live in. 

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Residential Project Architect

Bozeman, MT, USA

Public Architecture Project Architect

Bozeman, MT, USA

Interior Architect

Bozeman, MT, USA