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In 2014, Ben Erickson originally co-founded the firm in Bozeman, Montana.  In 2016, Jeff Lusin joined the firm as a Principal and soon after became partners with Ben. Ben and Jeff believe in scrappy architects and always want to overdeliver on unique responses to different design solutions.  As a smaller office, the culture of 45 Architecture, is to curate an architectural process with Partners on each project matched with our data-driven/ knowledge-based design solutions.


Ben and Jeff have been fortunate to add many talented 45 team members throughout the years, allowing the firm to grow and complete diverse project types at the national level. Recently, 45 Architecture was ranked number 159 among the top design firms in the country by Building Design + Construction Network.

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45 Architecture is a diverse planning, architecture, and interior design that offers comprehensive services to clients in both the public and private sectors. The "45" in our name comes from the latitude that runs through Bozeman, a place we want to affect with our architecture to help preserve this great place we call home.  Our design process brings together our experience as professionals with functional goals, project scope, challenges, and opportunities which combines the intimacy of a small design practice with the extensive national knowledge of a major design firm.


Our approach is defined by the energy we infuse into the creative process, and the collaborative environment we encourage.  From the instruments we use to communicate, to the use of emerging technologies, our attention is focused on solutions that are creative, enduring, and achieve client goals. Our culture is founded on the vigorous exchange of entrepreneurial ideas and is designed to foster this spirit.


We have an informal work environment where camaraderie and collegial support are highly valued. Where ambition, high work morale, and dedication to being the innovators of our field unify our firm. We strive to serve our communities through the spaces we design and through our engaged design process. A process that adds value to those spaces which in turn strengthens our communities, businesses, institutions, organizations, and individuals altogether.

— Ben and Jeff, 45 Architecture​​

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