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Tanner Skelton

Director of Residential Design

Superpower | Treasure Seeker // Tanner will walk for hours discovering the gifts of nature, from Native American artifacts to foraging mushrooms.

Tanner’s design sensibility prioritizes simplicity over ostentatiousness, taking special care to reference the natural world through materiality, form, and even where the light hits throughout the course of a day. Homes should feel as if they grew from the earth. 

As the Director of Residential Design at 45 Architecture, Tanner works closely with individual clients, forming deep connections and acting as a true collaborator each step along the way to designing their dream home. The role can sometimes be “part architect, part therapist,” he said, a role he takes pride in, knowing that he can act as a professional resource throughout the process.

Tanner is a dedicated fisherman, so much so that he is often spotted tying flies while on his lunch break. He’s known for taking clients out on his drift boat, less for actual fishing, and more for building trust, friendship, and enjoying nature.

Project Experience | Skelton has worked on various styles and sizes of single family residential houses, including remodels. Multiple tenant improvements, most recently Evrgreen Clothing and New Wave Therapy. Also, multi-family residential, mixed use properties, and planning. Design Inspiration | Tanner is a passionate member of Pinterest and finds most of his inspiration there. He is generally inspired by modern Northern European houses. Architectural Style | Tanner prefers a clean modern style, but finds passion and inspiration in most styles and building types. ​ Current Read | Currently podcasting, as his children leave him no time to read. Tanner’s favorites podcast include, but are not limited to How Did This Get Made, This American Life, and S-Town. Movie | Tango and Cash

Tanner Skelton


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