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Tanner Skelton

Director of Residential Design

DIRECTOR OF RESIDENTIAL DESIGN Superpower |Moonlight as Indian Jones

Tanner Skelton brings a broad range of project experience including master planning, multi-family residential, single family residential and commercial. Tanner comes from the plains of Oklahoma, but left for the blue-ribbon trout streams of Montana. In May of 2011, he received his Master of Architecture from Montana State University and has worked for local firms since then. Tanner has a gregarious personality and dynamic design style that brings great energy and innovation to his projects. He has the unique ability to hear his client’s desires and meet those desires while still challenging them to see and expect more from their project. Tanner builds strong relationships with his clients because he works so diligently to satisfy their needs, while continually exceeding their expectations. Skelton resides in Bozeman with his wife Vanessa, daughter Millie, and son Mac. In his spare time, he can be found wondering the forests, foraging for wild edible foods and looking for ancient artifacts. Tanner is an avid boater and fly fisherman, and frequently has large brown trout on the end of his line. At home, Tanner enjoys gardening, tinkering, and fly tying. Project Experience | Skelton has various styles and sizes of single family residential houses, including remodels. Multiple tenant improvements, most recently Evrgreen Clothing and New Wave Therapy. Also, multi-family residential, mixed use properties, and planning. Design Inspiration | Tanner is a passionate member of Pinterest and finds most of his inspiration there. He is generally inspired by modern Northern European houses. Architectural Style | Tanner prefers a clean modern style, but finds passion and inspiration in most styles and building types. ​ Current Read | Currently podcasting, as his children leave me no time to read. Tanner’s favorites podcast include, but are not limited to How Did This Get Made, This American Life, and S-Town. Movie | Tango and Cash

Tanner Skelton


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