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Parker LaCasse


Superpower | Super Flyer // Parker is willing to take risks to see things from a fresh perspective.

Parker loves the challenge of architecture, especially when the reward is designing for the health and resiliency of both human and natural communities. Growing up in the mountain west, she has always found inspiration in the wild landscapes that surround her. She feels fortunate to reside in Bozeman, a place where she can apply this inspiration every day to the design process.


Parker interned with 45 Architecture during graduate school before being hired on as a designer. She enjoys learning from people and projects that on the surface may seem antithetical, she said, because this is where innovation has an opportunity to sprout.


When not in the office, Parker can be found in the shop, bringing her love for design into woodworking. Or in the mountains, trying to find a new line to ski or bike.

Parker LaCasse


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