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Matt Sedor

Project Manager

Superpower | Chief Instigator // Matt is the instigator for a good time. He has a lot he’s excited about at any given moment.

Between growing up in Duluth, Minnesota and living in Breckenridge, Colorado, Matt Sedor never thought he’d enjoy cities, but an internship in New York City changed his mind. He found balance between the natural and urban worlds first in Portland, Oregon where he earned his Masters in Architecture, and now in Bozeman where he works for 45 Architecture as a Project Manager. Matt's love for architecture extends across scales, from university campuses to county- and city-level projects, as he enjoys the challenge of designing spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful to the people who use them.


Matt sees architecture as a 4D experience that goes beyond static structures, but which incorporates time as a defining element. Buildings are dynamic, he said, with unique expressions across decades, hours in the day, or even the experience people have with them as they themselves evolve. Matt is drawn to the integrity of larger projects, knowing that the work he does today will likely be around for decades, if not centuries.

Matt Sedor


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