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Matt Kaminsky, AIA

Job Captain

Superpower | Hound Dog Brain // Matt’s ability to hyperfocus allows him to explore an idea to its very edge.

Every project Matt Kaminsky works on—from corporate headquarters and multifamily housing to breweries and attraction design—holds the opportunity to be entirely unique. The key, he believes, is the relationship between the site and the program, in particular when the client and the architect’s talents work in harmony to elevate the project as a whole.

As an architect with 45 Architecture, Matt is a voice directly with and for the clients, digging into a project’s distinctive needs and manifesting ideas into final construction documents to bring a vision to life. The community-scaled size of both Bozeman and the firm is a place where he has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, while also continuing to grow as an architect himself.

Matt is the author of a literary-themed cocktail book inspired by his passion for mixology and his enduring love for reading. Each cocktail is bespoke and drawn from a literary classic, then accompanied by a bit of self-indulgent rambling which is probably best paired with a drink.

Matt Kaminsky, AIA


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