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Kim Everts

Technical Director

Superpower | Mentoring Maven // Kim empowers the next generation of design professionals to seek their own answers.

As 45 Architecture’s Technical Director, Kim specializes in large-scale public projects, ensuring they are complete, safe, and buildable as designed and drawn. Kim has dedicated her career to projects that serve children and advance educational opportunities. It’s an emphasis she finds rewarding, considering herself a civil servant and a steward of public spaces so that they remain accessible to all, especially as Bozeman grows and evolves.


Kim is a Montanan at heart, and after spending 18 years living in various regions across the United States, including the south, midwest, and east coast, she returned to Bozeman to contribute at the local level. She is also the design mind behind a well-known bread company, designing their cafe and bakery spaces around the world.Design Inspiration | The ideas and needs of a building's stakeholders ​ Architectural Style | Minimalism ​​ Current Read | Becoming by Michelle Obama

Kim Everts


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