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Jon Chavez


Superpower | TBD

Originally from Mexico, Jonathan grew up in northwest Wyoming where from an early age he learned the importance of honesty, responsibility, and hard work. His interest in architecture began while working in the field and wondering how he could improve the user's experience. In 2012, he moved to Montana to study architecture. During school he continued working construction, building, and developing details while working on the jobsite. While studying and working professionally, he has learned that architecture can provide more value than aesthetics and design alone.

In 2018, Jonathan earned a Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University. He has been building since 2012  and practicing Architecture since 2016 with local firms in Bozeman and in Wyoming.  Experiences in several firms has widened his knowledge beyond residential projects to also include remodels and commercial work in the surrounding area.

When he is not in the office, you can find him exploring, camping, fishing, and hiking with his wife Emily. Besides spending time with family and friends, he also enjoys traveling, especially where awesome architecture and food (Tacos) can be found!! 

Architectural Style | Scandinavian, Modern

Design Inspiration | Local Architecture & design,, ArchDaily, Dwell 

Podcast | This American Life, RadioLab, The Moth, S-Town, The Score

TV Show/Movies |  The Office, Parks and Rec., Star Wars, Nacho Libre

Jon Chavez


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