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Heather Porlier

Lead Interior Designer

Superpower | Chicken Whisperer // They love her and she loves them.

Heather was one of those kids who was constantly rearranging her room. Her passion for design began in childhood and it followed her throughout her life to owning her own interior design practice in Texas. After a decade at the helm, Heather was drawn to Bozeman for its vibrant landscape and to 45 Architecture for the opportunity to work in close collaboration with design professionals and team energy again.


As the Lead Interior Designer at 45 Architecture, Heather understands that the seamless integration of interiors and architecture throughout the design process can yield a powerful whole. The disciplines should go hand-in-hand, she said. It’s with this ethos, Heather is leading the interiors department and developing its growing business.


At home she and her family are raising chickens they’ve named after herbs: Chives, Sage, Ginger, and Basil.


Design Inspiration | Natural, Organic materials, Textures, Clean Lines and Unique Details

Heather Porlier


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