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Heather Porlier

Lead Interior Designer

Superpower | TBD

Heather has been drawn to the creative process since a young age. After obtaining her degree from the University of Oklahoma in May 2010, she moved back to her hometown of Dallas, Texas where she spent nearly a decade running her own firm. During this time, she had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top builders and architects in the state. There she honed her skills in client relations, product lines, and effective processes to ensure that all aspects of a project are streamlined from conception to completion.

In 2019, Heather and her family moved to the mountains of Montana where she has led many projects in the Gallatin Valley as well as Big Sky. Heather brings an enthusiastic and creative perspective to each of her projects, and she thrives on the ability to effectively interpret the objectives of her clients and be their advocate throughout the process.

Heather and her husband live in Bozeman with their three children, three dogs, and a horse. In her free time, Heather loves to go hiking, skiing, or camping with her family. She has most recently been found attempting to garden, with emphasis on “attempting”.


Design Inspiration | Natural, Organic materials, Textures, Clean Lines and Unique Details

Heather Porlier


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