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Hannah Hutchinson, AIA

Project Architect

Superpower | Plant-Path

Hannah Hutchison was raised in a large family in Billings, Montana. She was first inspired by architecture through observation of her grandfather’s drawing process, and there she found her calling. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture at Montana State University. Shortly after school, she gained three years of experience working for a design build company, where she worked on residential and commercial projects. She is a talented artistic and sedulous designer/architect. Hannah loves spending her spare time connecting with nature. She enjoys the outdoors as much as possible while hiking and trail running. Hannah resides in Bozeman with her husband Travis and dog Kayak. Project Experience | Hannah has gained valuable experience with single family and multi-family residential projects. She worked on offices parred with warehouse facilities, retail spaces and office remodels in the commercial sector. She enjoys working on school remodels and renovations that leave a positive impact on communities. She has computer program knowledge in Revit, Cad, Photoshop and InDesign. Design Inspiration | Peter Zumthor, Dwell Magazine, Sea Ranch, Danish Furniture Architectural Style | Hannah believes the style of a project derives from a balance of forces. These forces include the client and or user, nature, building conditions or requirements, and the local community. By integrating all these components a beautiful design emerges. ​ Current Read | Welcome to your World, How the Built Environment Shapes our Lives – Sarah Williams Goldhagen. Current Podcast | NPR TED Radio Hour, Clever, RM3 Raw Materials 3 Ways

Hannah Hutchinson, AIA


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