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Hannah Hutchinson, AIA

Project Architect

Superpower | Tranquil Creativity // Hannah’s quiet, curious soul speaks volumes through her creative expressions.

Hannah's passion for architecture was nurtured from a young age by her grandfather, an architect whose hand-drawn designs ignited her imagination both as an architect and an artist. In addition to her work as a Project Architect at 45 Architecture, she is illustrating a children's book that will be donated to children's hospitals, spreading hope and comfort to young patients and their families. At 45 Architecture, Hannah explores creative ways to articulate the unique needs, dreams, and desires of the communities they serve. She understands that architecture is not just about creating functional spaces, but also about creating meaningful experiences that positively impact people’s lives. Education-based projects are one of the cornerstones of Hannah’s experience. Projects like Great Falls High School and the Morningstar Learning Center are particularly rewarding for her, as they allow her to contribute to the development and enrichment of students' lives. Design Inspiration | Peter Zumthor, Dwell Magazine, Sea Ranch, Danish Furniture Architectural Style | Hannah believes the style of a project derives from a balance of forces. These forces include the client and or user, nature, building conditions or requirements, and the local community. By integrating all these components a beautiful design emerges. ​ Current Read | Welcome to your World, How the Built Environment Shapes our Lives – Sarah Williams Goldhagen. Current Podcast | NPR TED Radio Hour, Clever, RM3 Raw Materials 3 Ways

Hannah Hutchinson, AIA


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