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Aaron Overstreet

Director of Design

DIRECTOR OF DESIGN ​ Superpower | Evenflow and Wayfinder

Aaron Overstreet brings a wealth of project experience with arenas, sports facilities, installation master planning, multi-family residential, higher education and graphic branding packages to 45 Architecture. Aaron is a quiet leader and confident in nature. He continually pushes himself and his team to reach new limits and expand their skillsets. His innovative style allows him to think outside of the box and take on any creative challenge. ​ Aaron’s passion is for graphic design and diagramming. He has a keenly artistic eye and creative nature which allows him to see things differently than most. Aaron continually explores new ways to communicate designs and ideas to clients by enhancing the visualization experience. Aaron has a unique talent for understanding the client’s desires, thinking creatively and solution focused to develop a project that is cost effective, efficient, and reflects the owner’s desires. When not at the office, Aaron enjoys the Montana outdoors as much as possible by going on bike rides and family walks to the park. Aaron also loves to golf and can often be found sneaking in a quick nine holes after work or on the weekends. He is an avid sports fan and all-around sports enthusiast, cheering on the Bobcats every weekend with friends and family. Aaron resides in Bozeman with his wife Jordan and sons Easton and Everett. Design Inspiration | Alex Hogrefe Architectural Style | The variety and diversity of architectural styles in and around Bozeman played a huge part on the decision to come back to the Big Sky state. Aaron enjoys designing using natural wood and stone materials, and combining them with more contemporary steel, concrete, and glass materials. Current Read | A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin Movie | Caddyshack

Aaron Overstreet


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