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Aaron Overstreet

Director of Design

Superpower | Wayfinder // Aaron is directionally adept. He always knows where he is and where he’s going, often challenging the GPS to a duel. 

Aaron Overstreet is the Director of Design at 45 Architecture, where he leads the firm's creative vision. With a background in sports architecture from his previous work at a Denver-based firm, Aaron was drawn to Bozeman's growing architectural scene and joined 45 Architecture as their first hire—but only just. Tanner started the very next day. Aaron is known for his versatility and dedication to diverse work, ranging from sports and public projects to residential designs. Passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent, he prizes mentorship, discourse, and an open flow of ideas, knowing that these tenets are essential to crafting unique designs and experiences. In addition to his architectural expertise, Aaron is renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of 90s grunge music.  Design Inspiration | Alex Hogrefe Architectural Style | The variety and diversity of architectural styles in and around Bozeman played a huge part on the decision to come back to the Big Sky state. Aaron enjoys designing using natural wood and stone materials, and combining them with more contemporary steel, concrete, and glass materials. Current Read | A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin Movie | Caddyshack

Aaron Overstreet


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