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MSU Indoor Facility


Montana State University




Due to the relationship we have built with Montana State University through previous successful projects, MSU’s Athletic department reached out to our team to help create a vision of a future indoor athletics facility on the university campus. This facility would be a multi-use indoor turf field, with support spaces including changing rooms and equipment storage. Many design iterations and options were created for this project to determine the exact program, and best budget friendly building typology that would meet the University’s strict standards for durability, sustainability, and aesthetics. This building is designed to have another future expansion structure attached to it, to accommodate an indoor track facility. In siting the location of the proposed indoor facility, we worked with MSU to update their master plan of the area to optimize the land uses and pedestrian flow, for all upcoming projects. 45 Architecture facilitated in getting pricing estimates from local and regional contractors, and put together an accurate marketing package with graphics and renderings, for MSU to use in fundraising and promotional efforts.



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