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Three Forks Public Schools Remodel


Three Forks Public Schools




45,000 square feet (New)
112,000 square feet (Renovation)

45 Architecture assisted the Three Forks Public School District K-12 in renovations and additions to their elementary, middle, and high schools, to accommodate growth, address safety concerns, and replace aging infrastructure. The building committee’s requested improvements included: newly designated and secure entrances, redirection of traffic at pick-up/drop-off locations, new classrooms, upgraded restrooms and locker rooms, expanded cafeteria, renovated kitchen, added space for music and art classrooms, renovated special education and support spaces, upgrades to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, relocation of emergency fire, addition of a new parking lot, and installation of sidewalks and curbs to meet ADA requirement, among other requests.

In partnership with the building committee, 45 Architecture identified and prioritized the issues that posed the biggest safety risks: the traffic caused by bus and parent pick-up/drop-off on the same public street, and the multiple unsecured entry points around the building. By moving the bus pick-up/drop-off to the north of the building and the parent pick-up/drop-off to the northeast lot, we created space for three newly designated entries, one for each of the three schools, developing easily distinguished identifiers and check-in areas for each entrance, resolving the safety and security issue. The result is a well-organized, easy to navigate, and safe school for all grade levels in Three Forks.


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