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Great Falls High School Renovation & Addition


Great Falls Public Schools




100,000 square feet (New)
+/- 170,000 square feet (Renovation)

45 Architecture was chosen by the Great Falls School District and leadership team to upgrade infrastructure and add educational learning spaces at the high school. The necessary improvements included updates to the Main Campus, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system upgrades, classroom remodels, technology upgrades, improvements to campus parking, and a new building addition called the HUB. The goal of the HUB was to connect the existing main campus to the existing south campus building. The HUB addition was designed to increase campus safety by addressing the need for secure building entries, add needed STEM and CTE educational spaces, improve kitchen and dining facilities, and provide a central learning and gathering space for the students.

45 Architecture’s design team met with every teacher in each department, students, facilities and maintenance personnel, kitchen and food service staff, and district representatives to gain an understanding of the vision, mission, principles, operations, needs, wants, and goals of the Great Falls School District. It was important that the HUB addition complimented the original 1930 Historic Main building, while also providing the necessary contemporary upgrades and additional spaces to serve the students, teachers, faculty, staff, and community of Great Falls.


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