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Sarah Flach


Superpower | Game Maker // Sarah knows how to nurture a good inside joke.

Sarah never intended to stay in Bozeman after earning her graduate degree in architecture, but after interning with 45 Architecture during her final year, she couldn’t turn away from the public and community-based work she finds so meaningful.

For Sarah, to be a designer is to be an interpreter, a navigator, and an idea generator, always coordinating varying factors so that they make sense and are beautiful.

With 45 Architecture, she finds joy in bringing texture and life to a built environment everyone has access to, such that people can identify with the spaces they are in and have a sense of place. She is energized by working with people who share her enthusiasm for their work and the opportunities she has to be deeply engaged in projects like the Bozeman Hot Springs.

Current Read | Beyond the Ruins: The Meanings of Deindustrialization, The Help Yourself City: Legitimacy and Inequity in DIY Urbanism

Sarah Flach


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