Van Winkle Stadium Renovation


Bozeman School District 7


9,452 (Building)

96,600 SF (Artificial Turf Field)


12.2 million


September 2019


Van Winkle Stadium Renovation

Bozeman, Montana

A Multi-Purpose Stadium   


The new Bozeman School District multi-purpose stadium project is a Master Plan project of a 3,200-seat stadium north of the existing Van Winkle Stadium. The primary focus of the project is to provide a multi-purpose artificial turf field, with accompanying stadium seating, team spaces, and fan amenities. A 5,920 sq. ft. team building will house two changing rooms, officials changing rooms, visitor fan restrooms and
concessions, as well as field maintenance storage. The home side of the stadium will feature two support buildings that will house restrooms and primary concessions. Other additions to the facility include state of the art athletic field lighting, relocated softball fields with dugouts and batting cage, pedestrian plaza, and lighted pedestrian paths connecting to existing areas of campus. Phase II of the project includes a roundabout at N 15th Ave. and W Beall St., an improved Ruth Thibeault turn around and drop off with two one way drives and modifications to the east parking lot for integration into the improved said drop off. This phase also includes a lighted pedestrian pathway connecting the stadium to the south parking lot. Demolition of the existing Van Winkle south stadium bleacher and the existing stadium lights will also be part of the Phase II.