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Liz Waters

Construction Administrator

Superpower | Viewfinder: Liz can step back and see the big picture, while also understanding and interpreting the minutia.

Liz’s educational foundation in civil engineering set her on the path to her role in Construction Administration. A vital part of 45 Architecture & Interiors, a Construction Administrator must communicate the often-complex technical aspects of construction, translate architectural directives, and simplify tasks so that all parties involved can better understand and visualize the bigger picture. Liz’s experience as an in-field project engineer gave her the confidence and ability to take in all the project details that a Construction Administrator must hold space for, while simultaneously troubleshooting and providing oversight. Liz’s exactness, one of the attributes she learned from working with her father in the field, is what makes her a great fit for this role. As she says “The devil is in the details, and so am I.” Despite being a detail-oriented engineer, if she wasn’t working at 45, Liz would lean into her artistic side and further explore her love of painting and sculpting, something she hopes to do more of one day.

Liz Waters


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