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Jasmine Snyder

Interior Designer III

Superpower  | Design Weaver // In addition to being a talented crocheter, Jasmine is able to weave together a unique design perspective honed from her time spent on both coasts.

Jasmine grew up bouncing from East to West Coast which has influenced her work and is reflected in her design aesthetic. Jasmine knew she had a passion for design in high school and since then each life choice she’s made has been in pursuit of her interior design dream. After graduating from Virginia Tech she landed in Bozeman, a familiar place which she now calls home, as past members of her family had before her.


As an Interior Designer at 45 Architecture & Interiors, she is excited to combine design and functionality along with her passionate enthusiasm for work. Whether she’s baking cakes, crocheting, or designing her own home, Jasmine’s creativity shines through.


Jasmine Snyder


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