MSU Temporary Facilities


Montana State University




Montana State University was seeking solutions to replace gymnasium space that was unfortunately taken during an unexpected roof collapse of existing facilities. The solution was to provide two temporary air supported dome structures that could provide 60,000 square feet of flexible gymnasium spaces. Through quick and thorough master planning efforts, it was determined that the best location for these domes was to be at the existing outdoor tennis courts and adjacent grass athletics field. The site was chosen due to proximity to existing athletic services, a relatively flat building site to limit excavation, and to lessen impacts on university real estate while respecting the future design of the campus master plan.

These domes are intended to be a temporary solution until the gymnasium spaces of the existing recreation center can be re-built. The north dome will provide space for multiple university and student activities, and will have striping layouts for four basketball courts, six volley ball courts, and two tennis courts. The floor surface will be a multisport surface that can be used by various indoor sports. The layout of the courts are designed to be separated by retractable curtains for separate activity use and potential classroom isolation. The north dome is to primarily serve the students of MSU and the academic sector of the university. The south dome will house a portable wood basketball flooring and will provide striping layouts for two NCAA regulation basketball courts, as well as a NCAA regulation volleyball court. This dome is to primarily be used for university athletics training space and the academic sector. The courts in this dome are also designed to be separated by a retractable vinyl curtain for flexibility of use.