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Big Sky Community Arena Feasibility


Eric Ladd




6,000 seat arena
24,000 sq ft community bldg

45 Architecture & Interiors was approached by a local Big Sky developer and large scale event curator to design an arena and event space facility near the heart of Big Sky Town Center. The proposed facility was to reflect the founding culture of Big Sky, focusing on outdoor recreation and seasonal sports, while providing the community with an iconic structure to be used year round. The current site hosts summer bull riding events and concerts using temporary seating and stages. The goal of this new facility would be to build off of the existing program uses, but enhance the patron experience and create a permanent facility that can be versatile enough to tie into the community needs while also being utilized for a multitude of events.

The proposed facility would be comprised of a 24,000 square foot multi use community building that houses the covered exterior main stage, back stage areas, interior stage, ballrooms, covered plaza, concessions, and guest amenities. The arena portion of the facility has the main stage at the west end, with Lone Mountain serving as the backdrop in the distance, and surrounded by permanent bleacher seating, guest concessions, guest amenities, and suite boxes on the other three sides. The exterior arena is configured to host various events no matter the time of year. Events include professional bull riding, full scale rodeos, large concerts, volleyball tournaments, basketball tournaments, ice hockey, curling, and community ice skating. The interior main structure would allow for smaller concerts, private events, weddings, conferences, farmers markets, winter markets, and serve as a support building for large scale events giving VIP and backstage experiences.


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