Great Falls High School


Great Falls Public Schools


100,000 SF (New)

+/- 170, 000 SF (Renovation) 


39 million


Fall 2020


Great Falls High School

Great Falls, Montana

An Historic Cornerstone for Education 

The new HUB addition serves as an indoor link between the historic building andthe detached South Campus. The link addresses ADA concerns, access in inclement weather, and security concerns of having outdoor connections within the campus. A single entry is preferred to aid in control and lockdown situations. The new addition will house the primary entry to the school. A new, secure, entry vestibule immediately adjacent to the administration office will provide a safe entry sequence and improved supervision over visitors entering the site.


A new student HUB will be located in the new addition. This dynamic space will accommodate food service as well as a centralized student social commons. Further uses for the HUB include: an informal presentation space for student activities, a foyer for athletic events in the gym, a center for student services, and an indoor/outdoor connection to the Lawn connecting the historic school and the stadium. The additionwill house critical Career and Technical Education spaces including shops, labs and classrooms focused on supporting project based learning skills.


Last, the new HUB addition will house the major service areas of the school including:loading dock, kitchen, custodial area, boiler room and electrical room. The layout,massing, and detailing of the new addition was developed to both meet the program needs outlined above as well as reinforce the defining characteristics of the landmark campus. Primary defining characteristics of the historic school and district include thesiting, architectural style, massing, materiality and cultural importance of education within the community.


The existing North and South Campus will be renovated to include upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; classroom remodels; technology upgrades; and improvements to campus parking.