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As a Bozeman native, Rachael has enjoyed the luxury of growing up in a college town by first pursing a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, and a minor in Spanish. During this time, she enjoyed traveling around Latin America and exploring their ancient and modern cities. However, inspiration to pursue architecture did not hit while out adventuring. Instead, it came about in a much more mundane way; by reading a newspaper article on the 50th anniversary of Habitat 67, an “affordable” housing complex designed to integrate the benefits of suburb living in an urban environment. After reading the news, it was clear Rachael had to pursue architecture for a career. She went back to school at Montana State University and will be graduating with a Master of Architecture this Fall 2020.

When she is not randomly reading the news and pursuing education, Rachael enjoys backpacking and nordic skiing around Montana with her two dogs.

Project Experience | Most of Rachael's experience to this point has been studio based. Through her studio projects she has gained experience in a variety of computer programs for design and evaluation of energy efficiency in buildings.


Design Inspiration | Using nature as precedent/performance of natural systems and how they can be applied in architecture to create a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing building system.

Architectural Style | Still exploring

Current Read | Project Japan (a book of interviews with the founders of the Metabolic Movement in architecture)


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