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Superpower | Intuitive Aptitude: The power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, etc. without the need for long-term or special education.

Local to Montana, Coleman has joined the 45 Architecture team to help pursue the firms next transition to Nashville, Tennessee. With a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design as well as a recent Master’s degree in Architecture, Coleman is very capable of delivering quality work to help give back to his community.

Artistically driven, Coleman enjoys the graphical side of architecture. Montana State University really encouraged this ‘hands-on’ side of design. He believes what makes architecture compelling, is the moment someone’s thoughts and ideas can be visually expressed as the space comes to life. To further enhance his graphic technique, Coleman has recently gotten involved in international design competitions. His experience is primarily in residential architecture and his design has been featured and awarded in Montana Parade of Homes.

On the side, Coleman enjoys writing music on the piano, hiking, and exploring new places. Being from Northwest Montana, Coleman has developed a significant fascination with nature and believes it plays a key role in design and mental health.

Design Inspiration | Apple Stores, Texture, and Plants


Architectural Style | Scandinavian


Current Read | The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard