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Stillwater County Library Feasibility


Stillwater County





The Stillwater County Library and County Center hired 45 Architecture for a feasibility based on their needs that have long exceeded the capabilities of the current library facility. The existing library was built to store books whereas programs and services that have evolved since the library’s original construction have resulted in a crowded and highly inefficient use of space. To meet the needs of individuals, the community and the nation in the knowledge society, the Stillwater County Library must be thoughtfully imagined through this process. Demographic shifts, technological advances, and globalization of our work and life are making our communities more vibrant, continually evolving, and, therefore, ever so challenging. The resource economy that we have relied on for such a long time is being replaced – and rapidly – by a knowledge-based economy. The report that was created documents the results of an intensive community engagement process to plan a new library of approximately 9,588 square feet, Multi-Use Gym space at 5,070 sq. ft. and County offices at 5,280 sq. ft., to be located in Columbus on the south edge of Granite Park, to serve the residents of the County. The library is one component of a new one story mixed use building envisioned to be the “civic gathering’ place for all residents of Stillwater County.


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