Belgrade Community Library 

& Community Center


City of Belgrade


28,000 sq. ft.


16 million


Bond - September 14 2021


Belgrade Community Library and Community Center
Belgrade, Montana

The One Building Solution


The Belgrade Community Library was last renovated in 2002.  Since then, so much has changed - but the library's physical space has not.  The Belgrade community has grown by 30% - and while the library has done its best to provide excellent services for more individuals, families, and groups, the capacity to serve is limited by the undersized and overused facilities.  The need for library services will continue to grow alongside the community itself.  The current library building wasn't created for current usage, and won't be able to support future growth. 


Visit the library any day to see the signs of its extensive use - the undersized parking lot is crowded and well worn; library programs are at the maximum capacity, having to regularly turn away participants; children's materials, the youngsters enjoying them, and their enthusiastic noise volume, overflow into the general areas; computer stations are full, and waiting lists long; multiple staff members share one primary, open workspace for a full range of library tasks.  It's clear that the library is highly valued, well used, and ready for a renewed space.  In addition, the Belgrade Police Department, currently stationed on the second floor of City Hall, is in need of a larger space in a dedicated building from which to better protect and serve the community.