Superpower | Uber Life Tips – Her immediate response while listening to any issue is to try to fix it. She is overflowing with helpful hints and how-to’s.

Ali Vasarella designs and manages a great variety of projects, including residential remodels, commercial tenant improvements, K-12 new construction and renovation, as well as being a key member of larger higher education and commercial projects. She is known for working closely with clients (homeowners, business owners, planning committees, school administration and boards) and their contractors to get the most out of each project. She is diligent and a master of efficiency, with all systems in place to do the job right.


When not at work, Ali enjoys spending time with her husband Dan and their two children Adeline and Henry, outdoors and in their community. Ali is passionate about giving back, so she stays actively engaged in local community groups.


Project Experience | Ali has worked on many school around the Gallatin Valley, including Ridge View Elementary Expansion and Renovation, Monforton Master Planning, Expansion II, and Middle School, MSU’s Jake Jabs’ College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Saddle Peak Elementary, and Belgrade Head Start, and throughout Montana including Beaverhead County High School in Dillon. Right out of school she spent two years designing medical spaces and buildings for Providence Health and Services in and around Portland, Oregon.

Design Inspiration | Ali’s favorite architects are Santiago Calatrava, Herzog & de Meuron, Louis Kahn, and locally, Fred Willson

Architectural Style | Ali’s focus in architecture is function. She likes to work closely with a client to find out how they do things and find fun new ways to make a building and the spaces work well. This means flexibility for both how things work today and how they might work in the future.

Current Read | Ali is always reading a parenting book, a fantasy novel, or both. She throws in books about history, science, philosophy, and design here and there. Her favorite authors are Steven Johnson, J.R.R. Tolkien, T.H. White, J.K. Rowling (yes, there are a lot of initials in fantasy writer’s names), Erik Larson, and Jonathan Safran Foer.