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Adam hails from nearby Eastern Idaho. The son of two teachers, he has always taken in interest in how things work, who made them, and what it all means. This baked-in curiosity led him to the ever-changing architectural field. While attending Brigham Young University-Idaho and later University of Utah in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in architecture, Adam became interested in and passionate about contextual, integrated design with the intention of creating human-centered spaces. During this time, Adam worked on a wide variety of project types including commercial retail, healthcare, and corporate office.

Adam is also passionate about graphic design and signage and received additional education and experience in these areas. After graduation, he went “on sabbatical” in Washington and Southern California to work on environmental graphics and signage projects in retail, hospitality, outdoor recreation, research and technology, and more. Adam believes that architecture should go hand in hand with interiors, logo, type, signage, landscape, and more to tell the story of a project and keep people coming back again and again.

In all his travels, Adam has maintained his love for the mountains and woods. He enjoys backpacking, camping, and fishing and has a long list of favorite spots. New to the Bozeman area, Adam can’t wait to get out and find several more. He also enjoys a competitive game of Settlers of Catan or football and is a little bit of a sore loser. Joining Adam on all his adventures are his wife Cierra and two children Houston and Holland.

Design Inspiration | Snøhetta (architecture, landscape, and design firm),
Tadao Ando (architect), RSM Design (environmental graphics firm), Design Workshop (landscape architecture firm), Adam Adamowicz (video game concept artist), James Gurney (artist and author), Aaron Schuerr (artist)

Architectural Style | Critical regionalism, modernism, complementary architecture, high design

Current Read | Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson